Teaching Experience

Ludmil Krumov who holds Master of Music degree from CODARTS University of the Arts Rotterdam in Jazz Guitar Performance and Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Guitar Performance from Prins Claus Conservatorium Groningen has been teaching guitar technique, general and jazz theory actively since 2000. His teaching credits include private lessons, conservatory classes and clinics at Texas State University (San Marcos, USA), Orange County School of Arts (Orange County, Los Angeles, USA), Los Angeles City College (Los Angeles, USA), CODARTS (Rotterdam, NL), Prins Claus Conservatorium (Groningen, NL), Delft University (Delft, NL), Academy of Music Dance and Fine Arts (Plovdiv, Bulgaria).

Ludmil’s areas of teaching expertise include:


– General jazz theory and harmony: chord scale theory, scales and modes, chord tones, approach tones, tensions, triads, seventh chords, chord progressions and cadences, modulations etc.

– Ensemble coaching: playing in a group, instruments – functions and roles, comping, interaction, timing etc.

– Improvisational and compositional concepts: motivic development, free playing, patterns, swing, bebop and modern jazz improvisation, variations etc.


– Bulgarian folk music: melodic basics of the Bulgarian folk improvisation, the concept of the movable scale degrees, ornamentation, accents and typical phrasing.

– Odd meter rhythm phrasing: specialization in traditional Bulgarian odd meter dance grooves (5/8,7/8,9/8,11/8,13/8,15/8, mixed meters, composition); counting and feeling the dance grooves, typical rhythmic development and phrasing.

– Incorporation and application of Bulgarian folk music elements in jazz context (poly-rhythmic phrasing, melodic ornamentation, etc.)


– Guitar technique: sound production, right hand picking techniques, left hand technique, speed and accuracy development, hands coordination, freedom of movement on the fingerboard (single string horizontal playing, vertical position playing, diagonal playing), etc.

Along with performing and teaching, Ludmil is working on an ongoing research in the fields of musicology and ethnomusicology. His research interests include:

– Methods of Incorporation of Bulgarian folk music elements (odd rhythms, ornamentation, etc..) into jazz,

– Bulgarian folk improvisation related to modern jazz

– Theory of the Bulgarian folklore improvisation

To arrange private lesson or a group workshop via Zoom or Skype please send an e-mail to: guitmas@yahoo.com